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SFTP Login with public key authentication

Posted: 19.03.2019, 12:29
by pascal_fleer
A desired addition to the SFTP connection would be the use of public authentication.
In the connection details, you would provide a file containing the private key corresponding to the public key on the server in the user home directory.
This feature is used for passwordless logins on SSH and SFTP

Re: SFTP Login with public key authentication

Posted: 24.05.2020, 21:06
by ihichez
This request appears to have gone unnoticed for a long time. However, for us who need to work to access SSH servers it is a must have. Almost all SSH servers today require some kind of RSA or SSH public key to allow SFTP access. Thus, implementing this feature (even with .ppk putty key) would be a very welcome development which will make FC the undisputed best of the best file manager in history. In fact, the only thing I miss from the Windows world in Linux is FreeCommander. The closet thing is "muCommander", which can do SFTP with public key authentication out of the box, and "Altap Salamander" which does it through a WinSCP plugin, but both of them lack the power and customization of FreeCommander. The active filter is a feature that no other file manager can match. The middle toolbar is also missing is more dual pane file manager. I am a donor user and became a donor user to be able to use the SFTP feature, only to find that I couldn't use it because of lacking public key authentication. I am happy that I was able to contribute with a donation, I will continue to do so in the future because, even as it is, no other file manager can match the power of FC. The FC developer has managed to create a program which makes managing files in a Windows computer a breeze, I believe that the power FC offers is actually priceless. I would place FC in the league of the greatest tools of computer history such as C language, PuTTY, openSSH, Vim or nVim, ConEmu, cmder, Python, Oh My ZSH! and AutoHotKey as the "must have" programs for all power users and developers. If FC get this feature, we wouldn't have to use any other program to manage files locally and remotely. Thank you, greatly appreciated, Marek.

Re: SFTP Login with public key authentication

Posted: 25.05.2020, 05:47
by Marek
Could someone provide me test access to the SFTP server with public key authentication?

Re: SFTP Login with public key authentication

Posted: 26.05.2020, 17:38
by ihichez

I used Rebex Tiny SFTP server in the past, simple, but effective.