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[+] new folder tab

Posted: 18.05.2019, 08:38
by drjan
Could we have a little [+] next to the existing folder tabs, like in a browser, to create a new tab?
It is just a bit counter intuitive that I have to richt click an existing folder tab to make a new one.
(I keep right clicking on the space next to the tabs to create a new one, before I remember where the menu is).



Re: [+] new folder tab

Posted: 18.05.2019, 13:39
by Dreamer
I like this request, it's possible to double click the free tab bar space to create new tab, but this would be more intuitive.

Re: [+] new folder tab

Posted: 23.05.2019, 22:13
by Forez
But only if clicking with a middle button on such "+" would do nothing

With time I get an excess of tabs. And as I so go the the first one that is not locked [as only locked one are the ones that I will need in the future] in quickly press multiple times the MMB. It would be a pity if I would either aim precisely with my pointer as to not click the "+" or stop my exactly in that split of a second when I close my last loose tab

Re: [+] new folder tab

Posted: 24.05.2019, 06:38
by afh
You can add "new tab" from "Define action toolbar" --> "Address"