List of wild cards and syntax for name and extension field

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List of wild cards and syntax for name and extension field

#1 Post by sativarg » 27.05.2019, 22:17

I am blind and a donor.
I used to be able to see a button at the name and extension fields with drop box for suggestions but now I can not find that in the donor version. Navigating the rename interface and the options/settings is hard for the blind as it is but now the buttons seem missing,
NVDA screen reader relies on objects for navigation and I can guess what the fields are only because I used to be able to see... field names would help?
Objects even more so?
could I get a list of suggestions and or syntax rules for the renaming of files?
You know like [n,3-5][e][n,6] could put the extension into the name etc... I used to do all sorts of trix with the great syntax and wild cards in the day and now I feel like my hands are tied.
I love the rename tool by the way so thank you for the great Free commander resource...

thanks and blessings

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Re: List of wild cards and syntax for name and extension field

#2 Post by Marek » 28.05.2019, 19:37

Here is the list:

Name [n]
Name - first x characters [nx]
Name - last x characters [n-x]
Name from x [n,x]
Name - cut last x characters [n,-x]
Name from x, y characters [n,x,Y]
Name from x, y characters - relative to end [n,-x,y]
Extension [e]
Extension from x [e,x]
Extension from x, y characters [e,x,Y]
Folder [p]
Folder from x [P,x]
Folder from x, y characters [p,x,y]
Parent folder, level # (1-9) [pf#]
Parent folder from x, level # (1-9) [pf#,x]
Parent folder from x to y, level # (1-9) [pf#,x,y]
Counter [c]
Globally Unique Identifier - GUID [g]
Date - current [d]
Date - created [dc]
Date - modified [dm]

Summary info
Company [si_company]
Category [si_categoty]
Title [si_title]
Subject [si_subject]
Author [si_author]
Template [si_template]
Last author [si_lastauthor]
Revision number [si_revnr]
Application name [si_appname]
Comment [si_comment]

Title [mp3title]
Artist [mp3artist]
Album [mp3album]
Track number - 1 digit(s) [mp3tracksl]
Track number - 2 digit(s) [mp3tracks2]
Year [mp3year]
Genre [mp3genre]
Comment [mp3comment]
Composer [mp3composer]
Encoder [mp3encoder]
Language [mp3language]
Bitrate [mp3bitrate]
Sampling rate [mp3samplingrate]
Channels (num) [mp3channelmodenum]
Channels [me3channelmodetext]
Length [mp3playtime]

Picture - EXIF
Title [exif_title]
Author [exif_author]
Subject [exif_subject]
Width [exif_width]
Height [exif_hight]
Camera [exif_camera]
Camera - Model [exif_cmodel]
Date taken [exif_taken]
Date modified [exif_dtmodified]
Date digitized [exif_dtdigitized]
ISO [exif_iso]
F Number [exif_fnumber]
Comment [exit comment]
Exposure time [exif_exptime]

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