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Rename Files (in reverse order)

Posted: 05.06.2019, 16:16
by Marcorpisa
I'm new to the forum and I congratulate you for the software!

I know it is possible to rename multiple files, but it would be possible to do it in reverse order!?

File name: [c]
start from: 100
Next -2 :-( takes only positive numbers
Digit: 3

It would be useful when scanning the pages: first all the fronts and then the backs. For the back it would be necessary to implement the command with negative values.
Or do you know an alternative system!?

Thank you
Marco from P / sa

Re: Rename Files (in reverse order)

Posted: 06.06.2019, 05:58
by Karol
In the current donor version 799 works as desired: step can be negative number too.