Favorite toolbar : custom run-time arguments for custom tools

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Favorite toolbar : custom run-time arguments for custom tools

#1 Post by kino » 10.07.2019, 14:35


I have been using custom tools increasingly in a way of leveraging FC as a dual file selectors : those selections become handy arguments for a bunch of operations (directly or wrapped into batch/shell scripts).

Now I feel the need for some custom arguments that could be prompted by a small popup and passed as substitutions to place holders (%param1%, %param2%", ...) in the "Parameter:" line along with native parameters (%ActiveSel%, %ActiveDir%, ...)

Use case :

I frequently re-encode music and video with ffmpeg out of the files I select in FC and toward the inactive panel directory.
...but I can't afford to define as many custom tools as bitrates I can set e.g. : 64, 128, 192, 256, etc. (it would jam an entire tool bar, let alone the burden of doing so)

It would be extremely practical to be able to define a custom parameter %bitrate% in the tool definition that would be prompted when I click my tool button in order to be only asked "bitrate = ?" ; my argument would then be fed to the place holder before running.


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