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Dual keyboard shortcuts

Posted: 14.07.2019, 15:23
by Dreamer
Some keyboard shortcuts are standard, others are easier to use with one hand, left or right, so it's useful to have two different shortcuts for some of them.

E.g. Ctrl+Tab / Shift+Ctrl+Tab to switch tabs are standard and accessible with left hand, but Ctrl+PageDown/Up are useful when using the arrow keys to navigate and accessible with right hand.

If it's not possible to implement it as option, perhaps at least as "ini"/shc option, so if the line for the same command is listed twice, allow both shortcuts, if possible, e.g.:


EDIT: Another reason for 2 different keyboard shortcuts is to have the same shortcuts as in Explorer and also the shortcuts from file managers, so that all users could use both shortcuts without changing them all manually one by one in "Define keyboard shortcuts" window - few examples:

Ctrl+Shift+N / F7 - New folder
Alt+P / Ctrl+Q - Preview / Quick view
Ctrl+F / Alt+F7 - Search
Ctrl + C / Ctrl + Insert - Copy
Ctrl + V / Shift + Insert - Paste

Some shortcuts are in conflict, like F5 (refresh/copy), in this case I think it should be "copy" by default, because FC is a file manager and Explorer is using a dual shortcut too (Ctrl+R), but if the other shortcuts are free, dual keyboard shortcuts should be used.

FreeCommander already has dual keyboard shortcuts for some options, like Search for example, but it's not possible to create custom dual shortcuts and also the dual keyboard shortcuts are not visible in the "Define keyboard shortcuts" window.

Re: Dual keyboard shortcuts

Posted: 09.02.2020, 14:29
by Dreamer
Topic was updated.

Another problem is, that existing dual keyboard shortcuts can't be removed, like Alt+F7.
I found also other issues, I reported them in Bug reports.

Re: Dual keyboard shortcuts

Posted: 09.02.2020, 14:53
by mgroen
great, can it have my support?

Re: Dual keyboard shortcuts

Posted: 09.02.2020, 15:44
by Dreamer
Thanks for your support, nice to have the first reply after 39000 views. :)

Re: Dual keyboard shortcuts

Posted: 10.02.2020, 07:30
by alf5000

Re: Dual keyboard shortcuts

Posted: 22.03.2020, 11:15
by Dreamer
Important changes and bug fixes in the release 814
- Implemented: "Tools -> Define keyboard shortcuts" - it is possible to define the second shortcut for each action
Thank you very much for this one, Marek.