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Deleting a file, confirm dialog is obscured by main window

Posted: 20.10.2007, 02:11
by Geoff
Possibly two bugs here:

Using 2007.05a with Vista

1. Select a file in the files pane. Press delete. It deletes the filename rather than the file???

2. Select a file in the file pane. Right click and select delete. The confirm delete dialogue box appears, but is partially hidden behind the main UI. Try moving it and it passes behind the main UI (completely hidden from view) Applies on Windows VISTA (don't know about other OS's)

Posted: 20.10.2007, 02:15
by Geoff
Further from previous post. Both of these are intermittant, seems to be affected if you select delete. Cancel. Then repeat the operation???

Posted: 20.10.2007, 19:27
by Marek
1. I can not reproduce this problem
2. It is only Vista problem, already fixed (turn off the file tooltips and the bug is away).