Moving cursor over filelist causes flickering

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Moving cursor over filelist causes flickering

#1 Post by blackbox » 11.10.2008, 23:47

Using FreeCommander 2008.06c on Vista SP1 with Aero on, when I move mouse cursor over the file list, it causes the items to flicker. The issue is more pronounced in the details view, but still visible in the list view too.

Also reproducible in beta R387. By comparison, there's absolutely no flicker in Explorer.

I believe this issue is caused by lack of double buffering (LVS_EX_DOUBLEBUFFER) when redrawing the file list.

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#2 Post by wickyd » 01.04.2009, 07:57

I can confirm this bug in Windows 7 Beta (Build 7000).

Free Commander is great, however the flicker is frustrating.

I can confirm that explorer does not have flicker at all in Windows 7 Beta.

This problem is found in both versions 2008.06c and 2009.02.


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