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Add to favourite folder

#1 Post by Dzirt » 21.11.2008, 22:17

Hi all!
There is a small bug (feature?) when adding current folder to favourites. Steps to reproduce:
1. Press Shift+Ctrl+V - Define favourite form appears
2. Press Enter key or press ok button - Folder will be added to favourites, but form is not closed.

Windows XP SP3, 2008.06c

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Re: Add to favourite folder

#2 Post by Yaoming » 11.10.2012, 13:17

Still occurs in the newest version: 2009.02b
Windows 7, 64-bit

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Re: Add to favourite folder

#3 Post by Scott_Y » 11.10.2012, 18:41

I recommend you upgrade to FC-XE
In that version, Shift+Ctrl+V adds the active folder directly to the Favorites list, without any dialog or further interaction needed.


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