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Impossible to change group of highlighted files

Posted: 11.12.2008, 16:25
by Ars
There is no possibility to change group of files on the color highlight panel - no "Change" button on the toolbar, double-click does not work too.

Posted: 11.12.2008, 22:52
by wkrekik
I use to change colours of files groups directly, by editing freecommander.ini file.

Posted: 12.12.2008, 06:45
by ralfso
What "color highlight panel" and which toolbar do you mean? If I switch my FC to english there is a dialog field under

settings >>> view >>> colors >>> file extensions

When I select one group and push the third colorful button on the left of the field I can change the color ot the group.

Posted: 12.12.2008, 23:29
by Ars
Yes, this panel - but I mean that it is impossible to change extension list, not color.
For example, if you have stored a list like
then you're no longer able to add, say, *.bmp to it :(

Posted: 13.12.2008, 10:06
by ralfso
You can select the item and click once more (not doubleclick) like you rename files in the file window.

Posted: 16.12.2008, 09:48
by Ars
Well... thanks for the hint, this way it works, but it is not obvious.
It would be better, first, to have appropriate button at the left, and second, start editing with double-click.

BTW, another bug here: it is possible to add just empty group. This should be restricted.

One more bug with it

Posted: 16.12.2008, 15:36
by Ars
One more bug: color highlight does not work for all the files,
i.e. I have an extension to highlight: .h
and in the directory with ~30 files with name *.h, only 5 of them are highlighted.