Cannot minimize FreeCommander Window

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Cannot minimize FreeCommander Window

#1 Post by langware » 12.01.2009, 01:03

I always run FreeCommander in a full screen window.

At times, when I click the "minimize" icon at top right of window, FreeCommander will not minimize (nothing happens when the "minimize" icon is clicked).

If I click the "restore down" icon (between the minimize and the close icons), then FreeCommander's window will restore down ... but still will not minimize when the "minimize" icon is clicked.

The only work-around I have found is to right click FreeCommander's icon in the task bar, and click the "restore" choice in the drop-down list. Clicking the "restore" choice does not visibally change FreeCommander's window; however, after clicking the "restore" choice then the "minimize" icon (top right of window) will work correctly.

This problem is intermittant .... I cannot reproduce the circumstances that result in the "minimize" icon not working. However, it happens at least 5 times a day. Once the "minimize" icon stops working, then only the work-around mentioned above (or closing and re-opening FreeCommander) will enable the "minimize" icon in FreeCommander.

I am using FreeCommander 2008.06c (however, this problem also occured with previous releases ... sorry, I am only now getting around to posting the problem here).

I am running XP Pro with all current patches applied.

This problem does not occur on any other application. It is not a show-stopper, but just an annoyance.


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