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Viewer "eats" multimedia keys

Posted: 04.03.2009, 10:32
by blackbox
I reported this bug before, and it has been fixed in v2009.02 for the main window, but the same bug in the viewer remains.

Steps to reproduce
  1. Open an mp3 file using internal viewer
  2. Try adjusting volume using multimedia keyboard
  3. Next, make any other window active
  4. Repeat step 2
Actual results
Volume doesn't change while the viewer window is in foreground. However, it works if you switch the focus to another window.

Expected results
Volume control should work whether viewer is in foreground or not.

Edit: it turns out the viewer blocks volume control even when the music is played by another application, e.g. iTunes, and the viewer is in text mode.

Posted: 16.11.2009, 17:04
by blackbox
This bug is described as fixed in v2009.02a, however it is an incomplete fix.
Now the viewer no longer blocks volume control, but other multimedia keys - play/pause, stop, previous/next track - are still blocked when the viewer window has focus.

Also, my keyboard has two other "special" keys for MS Word and Excel (I know, I never use them :oops: ). Both are blocked whenever any FreeCommander window has focus.