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Minimizing FreeCommander

Posted: 19.04.2009, 21:26
by langware
When FreeCommander (2009.02) is minimized, the IsIconic Windows function (when called from other software by using a handle to the FreeCommander window) does not behave as expected.

Complete documentation for the IsIconic windows function can be found on the microsoft site ... ... S.85).aspx

When IsIconic is called with a handle to a given window, its return is as follows:

If the window is iconic, the return value is nonzero.
If the window is not iconic, the return value is zero.

I have written software to process other running tasks. In particular, my software will (at the user's request) restore a window that has been minimized. I use the IsIconic function to determine if a window is minimized .... and never had a problem with any other application's window except FreeCommander.

When FreeCommander is minimized, IsIconic should return a non-zero value. Instead, IsIconic returns a zero value (as if FreeCommander was really not minimized). I tried setting the option to have FreeCommander minimized to the system tray, and got the same results (as when FreeCommander is set to minimize to the task bar).

My software has been deployed for 10 years, and this is the first time that I have seen this strange behavior from IsIconic with any application's window.

Can someone familiar with the details of FreeCommander's code look into exactly how FreeCommander is minimized (when the user clicks the "minimize" icon at top right of FreeCOmmander's window). Is FreeCommander minimized using a non-standard technique? Is there any reason that you can provide for a minimized FreeCommander window to not respond as expected to the IsIconic function?

FreeCommander works fine when minimized and restored by the user, so I will understand if the developers do not wish to respond to this post. I just find it strange that when minimized, FreeCommander's window does not respond as expected to the IsIconic function .... and this strange behavior could be a latent bug.

Thank You.

Posted: 19.04.2009, 23:20
by Dreamer
I can't help you, but there is a known bug when minimizing, reported here.

Posted: 20.04.2009, 05:49
by langware

Thanks for the quick reply.

I did read the post that you mentioned ... and wondered if there might be a relationship between the problem reported there, and my discovery about IsIconic.

Is there a way that my questions about how the FreeCommander window is minimized (and whether any not-standard techniques are used to minimize and restore the window) ... can be forwarded to the FreeCommander's developers?

Thanks again for your help. I have modified my software to deal with the fact that FreeCommander's window does not respond correctly to the IsIconic function call .... but as I mentioned, this issue could be a latent bug in the code.

Posted: 21.04.2009, 00:43
by Dreamer
There is only one developer - Marek. He is watching the forum too, but you could try to email him.

BTW He is working an a totally new version, more here.