"Copy full name as text (UNC)" filename gaps

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"Copy full name as text (UNC)" filename gaps

#1 Post by jneedham1 » 19.10.2009, 12:08

Hi. When I "copy full name as text (UNC)", for a file I want to send as a link, and paste into a Microsoft Outlook message, if there are gaps in the filename, the link pastes incorrectly, being terminated by the gaps.

So for a file at \\networkpath\folder\this has gaps.txt

would copy and paste into microsoft outlook rich text document as \\networkpath\folder\this has gaps.txt

This link won't then work.

I can fix it by first pasting it into a Word document (where it renders properly as a link), then re-copying that and pasting it into my Outlook message.

version 2009 02
WinXP 2002 SP3

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Re: "Copy full name as text (UNC)" filename gaps

#2 Post by jeronimo479 » 11.10.2012, 19:21

Has this ever been resolved?

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Re: "Copy full name as text (UNC)" filename gaps

#3 Post by Scott_Y » 11.10.2012, 19:44

jeronimo479 wrote:Has this ever been resolved?
FC-XE is the version to try if you have a problem with FC 2009, which is no longer being updated. See http://www.freecommander.com/fc_beta_en.htm


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