msvbvm50.dll missing in Vista

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msvbvm50.dll missing in Vista

#1 Post by carls » 29.03.2010, 16:28

Currently in Vista Home Basic SvcPack 2 with FreeCommander 2009.02a Build 410 D

Upon closing, received the following message: msvbvm50.dll is needed and is missing in Vista...

Although this hasn't been repeatable, the message may be worth reporting there. So here, straight from a screen print:

Oops - apologies. Message stands, but can't figure out how to insert the screen print. If it would be useful, I'll send it by email.

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Re: msvbvm50.dll missing in Vista

#2 Post by ralfso » 30.03.2010, 11:30

Strange, I don't know, why this file is needed when you close FC, but you can download this Visual Basic 5.0-runtime libraries at:

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