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Change to Network drives does not work anymore

Posted: 02.11.2007, 09:52
by elot
I just upgraded to the new 2007.10 version and now the change to a netork drive does hardly work.
If you have the treefolder open, you see the change to the network drive (if you have connected a driveletter to it), but in the files view, you will only see the last directory on a local drive.
Also a change to a UNC path does not work at all (\\pc-name\sharename)

I have installed the previous version 2007.05A and that does work again.

Please take a look at this problem (see also the Beta bug pages where also someone post a message about this


Posted: 02.11.2007, 18:08
by elot
Hmmm, strange.
On an other computer that is not part of a windows Domain, but only connects with a windows Workgroup i am able to connect to network driveletters and to UNC path's.
Or maybe it has something to do with windows Vista?
the first computer where i have a problem, is a Vista computer.
The computer that works is a XP machine.

Anyone any idea?

Posted: 02.11.2007, 18:34
by Marek

Change to Network Directories

Posted: 30.11.2007, 16:35
by miamibig
I had no problems with accessing directories on my desktop from my laptop until I installed the updated version. Now I can see the directories but they will not open.

I really enjoyed the convenience of updating and syncronizing files from my laptop to my desktop. I hope this is resolved soon.