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64 bit menu bug

#1 Post by rustyboy » 02.10.2010, 12:55

I am using FC 2009.02b build 418 donor (Win7) and have problems with the 64 bit menu.

I edited the ini file to use the 32 bit menu as described but when FC does an auto save of the config, it removes my added line and reverts me back to the 64 bit menu. The line has disappeared from the ini file. If I turn off auto save, it remains.

The time delay line for the 64 bit menu disappears from the ini file as soon as I run FC after editing the ini.

The 64 bit menu stays open for a long time no matter what value I have it set to. The menu doesn't go away when I click elsewhere and stays on my desktop even when I close FC.

What is the advantage of the 64 bit menu (when it is working properly)?



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