Right-click contextuel menu does not respond for Mp3Tag

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Right-click contextuel menu does not respond for Mp3Tag

#1 Post by frozenfrog » 04.08.2011, 21:29

In Windows 7 64bit. For both FreeCommander 2019.02b and FreeCommander XE, the right-click contextuel menu does not work with the software Mp3Tag (Any version).
The menu item (the label "Mp3Tag") appears in the menu, but nothing happens when I select it.
The contextual menu works for any other listed software.
The Mp3Tag contextual menu item works with Windows Explorer and any other program that offers contextual menus.
Only the combination FreeCommander and Mp3Tag does not work.
The combination of these softwares used to work until a few months ago. I can't associate its stopping with anything I did at the time.
I tried reinstalling both softwares many times, with full clean-up in between, etc. No use.
I am at my wit's end.
Thanks for any suggestion. I really appreciate both these products and they rank at the top of my favorites list.

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Re: Right-click contextuel menu does not respond for Mp3Tag

#2 Post by sethstein » 24.10.2011, 23:18

From the version history link:

Version 2009.02b

New: 64 bit context menu will be showed on Windows 64 (XP, Vista, 7)
You can now control 64 bit context menu with the following line in the freecommander.ini:

- You can call 64 bit context menu with right click
- For calling 32 bit context menu use LeftWin+RightClick
- If you prefer to see for right click always 32 bit context menu: define ShowContextMenu64Bit=0; with LeftWin+RightClick you can call then 64 bit context menu

mp3tag is 32-bit so use ShowContextMenu64Bit=0


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