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Replacing %FcSrcDrive% on F4 in SearchResults

Posted: 30.11.2007, 10:22
by axel668
Hi !
Using FC (2007.10, XP SP2) from an USB stick, so I configured my Editor paths using the %FcSrcDrive% environment variable. This works fine in the panel, but when I press F4 on a file in the files search results list, I get the following error message (hinting that the variable is not replaced):

%FcSrcDrive%\668Apps\notepad++\notepad++.exe E:\668Apps\ClamWinPortable\Data\log\ClamUpdateLog.txt

The system cannot find the file specified.

Thanks for this great program, and keep up the good work !
Best regards, Axel

Same for Shift + F4

Posted: 30.11.2007, 16:23
by axel668
Hi ! Just encountered the same problem when creating a new text file pressing Shift + F4 (default keyboard mapping)

Regards, A.

Posted: 30.11.2007, 22:26
by Marek
Thanks Axel, I have found the same problem with Shift+F3, will be fixed in 2007.10a.