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Saved file changes etc not shown real time in FreeCommander!

Posted: 20.12.2007, 21:14
by Rosi
1. Open a Working folder with Freecommander, open a file (Word, Excel etc), Save As a different name. You will not see the newly save file on the Working folder!! You have to click on other folders or upper folder, click on the Working folder again to see the file you have just saved.

2. Save any web page to the above Working Folder, again, you will not see the file you have just saved!! You have to do the same thing as the above mentioned to see it.

Posted: 20.12.2007, 22:39
by Karol

Posted: 20.12.2007, 23:11
by Rosi
Not work fella!

Posted: 21.12.2007, 02:25
by Alex

Posted: 21.12.2007, 16:42
by Rosi
Just don't understand why recent version has this problem while older versions don't?

Does ATFileNotification work with FreeCommander?

Posted: 21.12.2007, 21:39
by Marek
I have tested really many PCs for autorefresh problem (Win200, Xp, Vista).
If on one PC, the default setting worked not properly, till present it has always the line DirMonSensitive=2 helped. For correct definition this option:

- close FreeCommander
- open the freecommander.ini file
- add the line DirMonSensitive=2 in the [Form] section
- save the file
- start FreeCommander

The only problem with autorefresh I know is with Novell drives.

Alex: do you know, if your component works with Novell drives?

Simply say: NOT work.

Posted: 03.01.2008, 23:33
by Rosi
Simply say: NOT work.

See it is there ( added by clicking on the underline sign in writing this message):

Pos=98, 112, 506, 965, 0
SplitPos=459, 0
SplitTreeRightPos=59, 50
SplitTreeLeftPos=53, 21

Posted: 04.01.2008, 09:59
by ralfso
Look at your ini-File, there ist written "DirMonSensitive=2" not "DirMonSensitive=2".
The command in ini-Files can only be interpreted if they are standing alone in a line.

GO BACK TO 2006B!!

Posted: 04.01.2008, 21:09
by Rosi
It is "DirMonSensitive=2". As I said, the extra of "DirMonSensitive=2" came from the action of "Underlined".

It simply does not work. No matter it is in the single CPU or duo-core with Win XP 2SP.

In the 2006b version, there is "DirMonEnable4Drive=3624", but it works just fine! AND WHAT A RELIEVE THAT I AM BACK TO 2006B!!