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Thumbnails refreshing continuously

Posted: 31.10.2012, 11:35
by PalsyPal
I've come across this probably unwanted behavior [:)]

Opening a network folder with around 50 images (mix of gifs and pngs) and a few other files. Switching to thumbnails view.
Now the first thumbnails start showing slowly (about 1/sec), but after 5 or somewhat the FC Tree View flickers, the tumbnails are lost and replaced by their generic image, and the thumb loading starts over again. Not sure what's triggering the sudden restart, it's not always after 5 files, nor always at the same file.

- Turning off tree view doesn't help. It happens with any network folder with images (also jpg), haven't seen it on local folders.
- If the folder has not too many files (for example 10), after a few restarts it sometimes manages to load all thumbs, and then everything stays fine. So restart seems to trigger only while still loading thumbnails.

Any ideas, or will you need more info?

FC version public preview