Problem with Select All toolbar button

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Problem with Select All toolbar button

#1 Post by bbinnard » 27.02.2013, 20:52

What Select All should do is select all the files and folders in the currently selected/displayed folder. The problem is, it doesn't do this. What it does do is select all the files/folder in the selected fold and the folder itself.

So if you then click the Delete button what happens is everything in the folder is deleted, along with the folder itself. This should not happen - only the selected files (and sub-folders if any exist) should be deleted.

A way around this is to first select an item in the folder and then click the Select All button. Doing this selects only the items in the currently displayed folder. But it should not be necessary to first select a single item in the folder before clicking the Select All button.
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Re: Problem with Select All toolbar button

#2 Post by Scott_Y » 14.03.2013, 21:25

What version of FC are you using?

I agree that what you are experiencing is not correct behavior. But it works correctly for me in FC-XE 613 -- only the files and subfolders are deleted, while the parent folder remains. I don't have to use any workaround. (Win7 x64)


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