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FTP in .02b

Posted: 17.11.2013, 18:18
by BobInCT
Hi all...
I'm new to the forum and to FreeCommander. I've been using another one called ExplorerPlus for years now but it has some bugs that cause it to lock up now and again, and it isn't being maintained.

So I downloaded FreeCommander and so far it looks good. It has some functionality I haven't needed before but looks like it could be useful.

The one disappointment that I've found and which will be a show stopper for me is it's ftp capabilities. First, I couldn't even make it work. I can connect and see my remote ftp site folder and folder contents but can't copy anything to it - says it can't connect when I try.

Secondly the wizard is way too much work. ExplorerPlus had a simple drag and drop interface where once I've connected I simply drag my file from my local directory to the ftp directory and it gets copied there. No fuss, no bunch of extra steps with a wizard which given how much I use this feature just isn't good for me even if it worked.

My 2 cents...