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when there are only two folders,then...

Posted: 31.01.2008, 23:55
by zing
FreeCommander 2007.10a, Windows XP SP2(simplified chinese);

detail: Use "Size of directories" mode,and resort by size(very important).
when I click into some directories with only two sub-directories,after I enter anyone of this two folders and out of it, then this bug shows: the two folers have the same name,and I just can enter only one.

and this is the pic:

Posted: 04.02.2008, 20:35
by Marek
Hi zing,

thanks for your bug report. I can reproduce the problem, it appears only if "Size of directories Alt+F9" button active is.

Posted: 15.02.2008, 07:10
by zing
yes,you are right.

I look forward to its fix in the next version.

and thanks for your hard work.