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add inbuilt delete command

Posted: 19.10.2007, 11:04
by ian
The delete command suffers from the same sort of problem that the copy command does - it is using the windows api call to delete a directory tree,

The trouble with this is that it first tries to list the contents. On a local drive this can be very slow, and across a network (even my GB one) it can take ages to even start deleting files - which it doesn't do any faster for all that time up front!

It should be shifted to an internal routine, which would start deleting WITHOUT doing a full listing first...


Posted: 21.10.2007, 09:00
by ian
ie just trying to delete a big directory across the network.. It's been over 40 minutes so far and I've still got the "preparing to delete" box up.. Any file manager with it's on delete function (ie Nortons NT one) would have actually finished the delete 20 minutes ago and would not have even gone through this step....

Time to kill FC and use nortons for this lot of file cleaning up..

In summary, FC needs its own inbuilt delete and copy - and it is a more urgent issue than any other new feature listed in this forum, 'cause if you can't use it to copy or delete files it really isn't a file commander!

Edit: I just killed FC, and used nortons instead. It actually did the whole delete in under 4 minutes ie over 10 times faster than when I gave up on FC..