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[..] item also for root disk dir., same as in 7-Zip

Posted: 20.10.2007, 18:46
by Dreamer
[..] item also for root disk dir., same as in 7-Zip, as option perhaps. To be able to display all drives as items in the file list.

Posted: 20.11.2007, 01:44
by poisonu
Good Day,

Would like to support this feature request.
That is the ability to view all drives as items in the file list...

Thank You,


Posted: 23.11.2007, 00:50
by MarillionKid
I also need this. Hope the developers add it, please and many thanks!

:oops: :lol: :oops:

Posted: 27.11.2007, 15:39
by Ashareth
Just to be sure, is that the type of view you want to have :


If yes, it would be a good thing too i must admit. ;) (raah i miss it so much i'm forced to launch the windows explorer to have it when i need it :)) .

Posted: 27.11.2007, 22:18
by Dreamer
Yes, it is, your screenshot is from 7-Zip. I'll close the other topic, since it's a duplicate.

Posted: 29.11.2007, 14:06
by Ashareth
It's what i thought but i was not sure so i posted the ss to be sure. :)

And yes, i miss it a lot. ;)

Posted: 10.02.2008, 11:11
by Stuee
Me too - to be able to view all drives and their properties at the 'My Computer' level is a must.

Actually I cannot think of a single other application that will not display this view when navigating. This seems to me like a glaring omission, especially in a file manager.

I strongly support this request :-)

Posted: 12.02.2008, 23:42
by DG
I also support this request.


Great request!

Posted: 13.02.2008, 07:45
by paravantis
I also support this request. It would be a great feature addition.

Posted: 21.03.2008, 02:59
by oldenny
I think that this is a feature disable by developers and sometimes do not run. See the screenshot ...

Posted: 21.03.2008, 03:05
by oldenny
Is a bug or a feature?

Posted: 21.03.2008, 03:05
by oldenny

Posted: 23.03.2008, 10:51
by ralfso
How did you make this "full-tree-view" in FreeCommander? With a image editing program? Or did I miss something in the FC-setting?

Posted: 25.03.2008, 04:27
by oldenny
This is a bug in PID identification: if you close fc with a zip file opened, when you reopen fc the tree is there.

(i hope you understand my bad english)

Posted: 25.03.2008, 15:13
by oldenny
why not to transform this bug into an option, as well as occulting the icons or list of drives, to get more space in desktop?