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Sticky file selection

Posted: 17.10.2008, 01:56
by McSwell
I would like the ability to retain the selection on files I click. Right now I can do this with <CTRL>-click, but if I'm selecting lots of files (like weeding out bad photos I downloaded from my camera, using either Thumbnails or Quick View), it becomes tedious to hold that control key down. And if I forget once, then I lose all my selections.

There is another file manager program, xplorer2, that has this capability; you toggle it with the "Mark | Sticky selection" command.

Posted: 17.10.2008, 02:12
by matera
I agree, that would be very useful sometimes. You don't want to know the words I say when I lose a big selection :D

Posted: 17.10.2008, 09:46
by Fad
I also agree this could be very useful sometimes :)

Posted: 18.10.2008, 22:29
by Dreamer

Posted: 30.10.2008, 13:09
by TsunamiZ

Posted: 31.10.2008, 16:10
by 14u24me
To realize that, it would be fine to klick the first file with STRG+SHIFT und FC remembers this.

Posted: 02.11.2008, 16:47
by wkrekik
The NC-mode selection provides sticky selection function (settings>select item>NC-mode)

Posted: 02.11.2008, 23:28
by McSwell
wkrekik wrote:
> The NC-mode selection provides sticky selection function

Thanks, I didn't realize that! ('NC-Mode' is not exactly mnemonic to me; I have used a *lot* of file managers over the years--I think Lotus Magellan was the first one--but I'm afraid Norton Commander wasn't one of them.)


Posted: 03.11.2008, 16:03
by blackbox
Maybe it would be more user friendly to rename the option to "Sticky selection mode (like Norton Commander)" instead of "NC-mode"?

Posted: 03.11.2008, 17:26
by McSwell
Agree--something with the phrase "Sticky selection" would be easier to understand. I would not object to it mentioning NC, although to be honest, even if I had used NC, I doubt that I would remember that it had a sticky selection capability. (I don't remember what capabilities Lotus Magellan had. Maybe that's just because I'm getting senile--but I suppose that if I were not this old and feeble, I wouldn't have been using Magellan :-!)