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Up-Directory Strip

Posted: 29.10.2007, 04:09
by sagarat
I used to use Directory Opus or the Amiga, and one of the nice features was a long bar either side of the file area that took you to the parent directory. This made directory navigation a lot faster.
It would only need to be a few pixels wide, but would need to be on the extreen edge of the screen so you dont have to hunt for it. You would just flick your mouse to the left/right, and click

Posted: 29.10.2007, 09:50
by Fad
I used to use SID & DirMaster on the Amiga, and I think DirMaster had that option as well....

I did ask about the ability to increase the size of the Go Up button, but this MAY be an idea to think about.

Posted: 30.10.2007, 19:16
by Marek
Can you make a screenshot and explain how it work?

Posted: 31.10.2007, 10:22
by Fad
Maybe I can explain what Sagarat means as I already know what he is talking about......


The red vertical strip acts the same as the "Go Up" button...and it is the full height of the pane.

It would normally be invisible (same colour as the border), and thinner than what is shown in the when you move your mouse to the far edge of the pane, then click it, it would take you up a level just like the "Go Up" button.

This makes it easier to very quickly move the mouse to anywhere on the far edge and have the function available.

The FC window has to be maximised for this to work obviously, unless you can be very accurate with the mouse pointer.

I remember when I used to use DirMaster, it was a simple textless button that you could change the width and colour of (if you wanted to) and actually it allowed you to put it anywhere you wanted, but the idea is the same and the sides of the pane seem the most obvious place....
I used to make it very thin and the same colour as the window border.

I hope this explains.


Posted: 31.10.2007, 17:31
by ralfso
I think, this feature isn't necessary because you can doubleclick on every free space in the file-window to go one level up (e.g. below the last file or right of the attribute-column).

Best regards

Posted: 31.10.2007, 20:17
by Fad
Yes, that works as well, I didn`t realise you could do that as I`m so used to not doing it :wink:

The drawback to this is that if the list contains hundreds or thousands of items, it`s not the easiest way.

Posted: 31.10.2007, 23:55
by Dreamer
I don't like this request. There are better options...

- [..] address bar button
- activate the "Go up" button in the main toolbar
- backspace keyboard shortcut
- click the "up" dir. in the address bar


Posted: 01.11.2007, 10:11
by Fad
I personally use the Go Up button in each of the drive bars, it`s what I`m used to, but they are a little bit small at the moment and my eyes aren`t as good as they used to be :wink:

Posted: 01.11.2007, 12:43
by ralfso
Hello Fad
Fad wrote:Yes, that works as well, I didn`t realise you could do that as I`m so used to not doing it :wink:

The drawback to this is that if the list contains hundreds or thousands of items, it`s not the easiest way.
I think you havn't tested this feature long enough. In every view in the file-window there is much place to doubleclick without scrolling.
E.g. between the colums in list- or symbols-view
on the rigth side of the filenames (not over the filename)
on the right side of the file-window
on the left side of the file-window (about 5 mm wide)
give it a try and find out where ever you can doubleclick to go one level up.

Posted: 02.11.2007, 07:47
by sagarat
I too didn't reasise that a double click on a white-space can be used to go up a directory. I will start using it, and see how it goes.

Posted: 02.11.2007, 13:31
by Fad
Thanks for the information Ralfso, I have tried your suggestions, but I can`t seem to be able to find these places....

the file just opens when I try clicking.....

this is how I have my panels set up, as you can see there`s not much room to click.....maybe I`m missing something important ?


I can`t seem to find the place on the left side of the window, (the 5mm wide place).

Posted: 02.11.2007, 18:06
by ralfso
Ok Fad,
I've tried a few FC-views and found a little bit white space on every view, but you've found a view whith no white space. Excuse me.

Try to make your name- or size-column a litte bit smaller and you get white space on the right side of the files.


The 5 mm white space on the left I found in the big-symbols-view.

Posted: 02.11.2007, 18:16
by Fad
You can rely on me to make things difficult ! :D

I`ll try that right now, resizing the name column, thanks :wink:

Posted: 04.11.2007, 10:46
by sagarat
I tried the double click option, and it works OK in most cases, except for when there is a full list of folders and files, and then I only open them.

I would still like this option, as it would mean a quick reflex option for goin up a directory, rather that hunting for a small icon or text, or having to use a key.

If you want to see some good inplementations, look at either Opera, or Firefox, where there the side-panels have a 3-4 pixel 'bumber' button for opening/closing.

Posted: 07.11.2007, 22:45
by Marek
Go up strip available in the beta 295.