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previous action can't be undone

Posted: 27.08.2010, 07:53
by vsrawat
In Windows explorer, there is a very useful command, undo or Ctrl-Z, when we press it after doing something, it undoes the previous action, so it moves back the previous moved files, it removes the copies of previously copied files, it undeletes the previously deleted files.

That was very useful if we give some wrong command that gets executed.

I am missing this feature a lot in Free commander as mistakes happen, and I am not aware of any command to correct that I have to do all the searching and corrections manually.

If it is there, please tell me the command.

If it is not there, please consider it for some future release.


Re: previous action can't be undone

Posted: 15.12.2010, 15:10
by wrbird
Is the undo feature going to be implemented?

Re: previous action can't be undone

Posted: 06.03.2011, 01:30
by mauito
I would like to see this in a future release too.