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Unicode support

Posted: 12.11.2007, 00:08
by Alex
Unicode support is needed.
TC 7.5 will support Unicode.

Posted: 14.11.2007, 11:03
by Fad
I agree with this suggestion.

Posted: 26.11.2007, 13:24
by rutras
Yes, i need the unicode support too.

Unicode Support

Posted: 09.01.2008, 22:10
by wizard43
I also ran into a need for unicode support today. What is TC 7.5? Will it be possible to add unicode support to Free Commander?

Re: Unicode Support

Posted: 10.01.2008, 09:31
by enkryptor
wizard43 wrote: What is TC 7.5?
Total Commander (yet another fm, commercial)

Re: Unicode Support

Posted: 10.01.2008, 19:29
by Dreamer
enkryptor wrote:Total Commander (yet another fm, commercial)
TC = Total Commander

and "fm" = file manager (right?). :wink:

Posted: 23.05.2008, 01:47
by NNR
I need this feature too.

Posted: 15.06.2008, 05:16
by bugmenot
I am really in need for this feature, because most of my files and folders are in east asian characters. FreeCommander is unusable for me because of the lack of unicode support.

Posted: 16.06.2008, 02:23
by sovereignty68
definitely need unicode support, its the most critical feature missing in freecommander.

Posted: 16.06.2008, 09:04
by narf
I have the same problem as bugmenot here. for people who have to use east asian characters on a regular basis FC is sadly not the right choice.

give us unicode support. PLEEEEASE :)

Posted: 14.07.2008, 15:17
by bugmenot
I hope this is not asking too much, but:

Is there a plan in the near future that FreeCommander WILL have support for unicode? I think the other users who are in dire need of this feature need to know as well.

Posted: 15.07.2008, 20:07
by Marek
What is "near future" :)? I want integrate unicode, after the next version of Delphi is released. However, this can last a little bit :).

Posted: 19.07.2008, 12:51
by navin
+1 for this feature.

I also happen to work with a lot of files that have East Asian characters in their filenames, in which case Freecommander shows the truncated 8:3 names or question marks.

It's the one thing that's stopping Freecommander from being the perfect file manager for me right now. :lol:

Posted: 11.08.2008, 07:44
by Pincopallino
Ditto here. I currently use a French Windows with Japanese support. FC has troubles with files containing character like "é" or "ç" and this stops the otherwise wonderful feature that is the folder synchronize. Unicode support please! :oops:

Posted: 17.08.2008, 04:39
by matera
I know it is coming, so I will try to wait patiently. I don't need it as much as some people do, but I had some very awkward moments when I saved some downloaded files with Polish names and had to use Windows Explorer to rename them because I could not open, copy/move, or in any way do anything with them . . . :lol: