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Window focus problem

Posted: 08.10.2007, 08:01
by ollo
Whenever I try to drag-drop some file from FreeCommander window into some application (like some media player window or notepad window), the FreeCommander window comes to forground, pushing the application window to background. Then I have to do an Alt-Tab to again gain focus of the application window. This doesn't happen with windows explorer (and powerdesk). Although its a small niggle but after a while it bacomes very irretating.
It would be much better if the FreeCommander window gains focus (comes to forground) on mouse-button-up, and not on mouse-button-down.

Posted: 08.10.2007, 09:12
by ian
Actually, I like it on mouse down - though that might be because I've got more screen realestate and actually do want to dig it out from whatever it is behind.....