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Freecommander XE copy/move function with external program

Posted: 07.05.2013, 07:36
by hikaru
Hello everybody,

Before to say anything else I would want to say that Freecommander is really a great program. I use it almost every days.

I downloaded the new Freecommander XE Beta.
I saw that we are able to use an external program for copy (F5) and move (F6) files.
When I used "Ctrl + C" -> "Ctrl + V" or "Ctrl + X" -> "Ctrl + V" all is OK, the program works.
But when I use F5 for copying or F6 for moving files the program is open but don't make its work.
I use the program TeraCopy.
Could you see about this problem or say me if I can use another program?

Thank you very much.

Luc Berger