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Keyboard shortcut for toolbar button "Window splitting&

Posted: 09.10.2007, 20:58
by Dreamer
Keyboard shortcut for toolbar button "Window splitting" - to toggle between "View 100%" and "View 50%".

Posted: 09.10.2007, 21:11
by Marek
Shift+Ctrl+F2, Shift+Ctrl+F3 ?

Posted: 09.10.2007, 21:27
by Dreamer
I forgot - it should be customizable, of course. :)

Regarding a default shortcut... I found these in the Help:

Equalize size for left and right window - Ctrl+Shift+F2
Hide right window - Ctrl+Shift+F3

They are reserved, so perhaps Shift+F11, or Ctrl+Shift+F11. "F11" becasue it's a default shortcut to switch to fullscreen (in IE and other programs), also this will switch from 50% size to 100% = full-size. It doesn't matter, but this shortcut would be quite logical IMO.

Edit: Oh, you mean there are these two shortcuts already implemented, right? But what I need is a single shortcut to toggle between 50% and 100%, the same as current toolbar button "Window splitting".