Browsing synchronisation

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Browsing synchronisation

#1 Post by xachopin » 11.10.2007, 08:47

The ability to browse the folder structure on the left and right panel at the same time. For exemple, if you double click at a folder named "Documents" on the left panel and a folder with the same name exists on the right panel, then the right panel should act also as if you had double clicked on the directory name, allowing you to browse the two structure at the same time.

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#2 Post by ian » 11.10.2007, 12:01

Not a good idea unless it was turned off by default, as it's something most people wouldn't want automatically happening..

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#3 Post by butler419 » 09.12.2007, 15:42

I have used 2xExplorer for several years, and find that synchronized browsing can be very useful.

However, I agree that it should be disabled by default.

2xExplorer has a toolbar button that toggles the feature on or off, it comes up disabled be default.


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#4 Post by Ashareth » 11.12.2007, 11:33

The only problem with that idea is :
2x explorer/xplorer² only use ONE tree for the two panes where free commander use one for each pane.

It would make something less useable from my point of view, but as long as it's disabled by default.... ;)


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