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FTP client

Posted: 12.10.2007, 21:01
by Dreamer
FTP client.

You can add more sub-features, or just add your support here.

Posted: 02.11.2007, 22:37
by psionides
It could also support SFTP (that way, FC would be even better than TC! :) )

Re: FTP client

Posted: 10.11.2007, 18:39
by daliborp
Dreamer wrote:FTP client.

You can add more sub-features, or just add your support here.
I strongly support FTP functionality (SFTP optionaly, but it would be nice)

Posted: 12.11.2007, 07:18
by -NOISE-
FTP feature is very needed, at least, a simple.

Posted: 24.11.2007, 08:43
by mnxinu
FTP feature is very needed, I think too.

I agree

Posted: 28.11.2007, 21:45
by Gianny111
FTP client would be helpfull.

Posted: 30.11.2007, 19:58
by elot
Yes, please: ftp plugin, but with a CHMOD option, so you can change the read/write options of the files.
Otherwise i will still need to keep other ftp software for that option.

Posted: 19.12.2007, 00:10
by zal
FTP would be just fabulous, guys!

...with feature of external editor for files.

Thanx in advance!

Posted: 23.12.2007, 17:26
by enkryptor
elot wrote:Yes, please: ftp plugin
sorry. does FC support plugins?...

Posted: 23.12.2007, 20:48
by Marek
Now only viewer plugins.

Posted: 24.12.2007, 12:25
by enkryptor
as I said.... :?


Posted: 31.12.2007, 13:51
by Johan G. Smits
Marek wrote:Now only viewer plugins.
Now I am user PowerDesk 6: perfect user interface + FTP client. But without Dutch translation.
I tried Unreal Commander: unhappy user interface, but + FTP client + Dutch translation.

I will change to FreeCommander and pay for it, on condition that IT GET A FTP CLIENT.


Posted: 12.01.2008, 20:22
by Merlin
I too vote for the implementation of an FTP-client in freeCommander.
I still use Total Commander for that part. I would love to see that feature in freeCommander. :D

Posted: 18.01.2008, 21:23
by joe-the-indian
yea! ftp client, and ability to queue copy/move jobs - and i will never use other file managers ;)

Posted: 23.05.2008, 10:24
by AWE
I miss integrated ftp client very very bad! But I am slowly leaving TC and using winSCP together with freeCommander. But all in one solution is best solution for me.