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PostPosted: 01.01.2013, 08:17 

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there's a few other file managers that have the ability to copy folders without copying files. I've found this feature to be very useful in my workflow. I'm hoping FC XE could implement such a feature. Anyone else seeing the benefit of that?



FC XE 0.715 x86
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PostPosted: 03.01.2013, 11:53 

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I dont think this is (yet) directly possible in fCXE...

But there is an easy workaround:

a) go in one window of fCXE into the basic folder of the structure you want to copy
b) open the DOS-prompt with CTRL+D
c) write down in the DOS-prompt

xcopy *.* c:\temp /t /e

where "c:\temp" should be replaced with the path of your desired destination (to make it easier copy the path before and insert it...)
d) the complete structure without files is copied!


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PostPosted: 08.01.2013, 11:52 

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You can create a button in your favorite toolbar using Uwee's workaround:
1) create a file called copyFolderStructure.bat
2) in this file I modified a bit Uwee's workaround: %1 and %2 will be replaced at runtime by the left folder and the right folder of freecommander
xcopy %1 %2 /t /e

(In ".bat" files code is only used if there is a linefeed at the end of the line, so I added a "REM" line to be sure)

3) In free commander go to "Tools>Favorite tools> Favorite tools edit" (the shortcut is shift+ctrl+y)
4) create a new toolbar if there is none (I think in fCxe you need to create at least one)
5) create a new item
  • Name : Copy Folder Structure
  • Program: (find program: the file you created in "1)" copyFolderStructure.bat)
  • Parameter:
    "%LeftDir%\*.*"  "%RightDir%" %Dlg%
  • You can add shortcut if you want

Note that the "parameter" line is the one passing the address of left and right folder.
I inserted ' " ' because you might have folder names with spaces.
The %Dlg% code will show a window before starting the script, in which you can check the name of the folders and eventually, cancel the script.

Hope this helps


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PostPosted: 16.02.2017, 06:14 

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That's a clever workaround Francois. Thanks for posting the steps. I'm trying to add a button now but having trouble getting it to show up.

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