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Feature Requests (2): ability to show current LAYOUT and COLUMN PROFILE in title bar...

Posted: 25.06.2020, 17:11
by spamspambaconspam

I love Free Commander! Long time user.

If this is already possible, please steer me in the right direction.

I have a bunch of column profiles defined, and quite a few are very similar to each other.
When I need to tweak my column profile settings, I can't figure out how to tell which one I'm using.
I thought it would be handy to have it listed in the title bar ~ I have some other settings up there already (like version, current folder, etc) and so it seems a good place to show what column profile is in use.

Same thing for layout. Matter of fact, thinking I could already do this, I added a place for LAYOUT: in my title bar, but after not finding the variable/token to place there, I left it empty (it reminds me to come here and ask for this

If there is already another way to identify which COLUMN PROFILE and which LAYOUT are in use (even if it's not in the title bar), I'd love to know how!

Thanks again for a great program!!