Combine Action Toolbars And Favorites Toolbars

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Combine Action Toolbars And Favorites Toolbars

#1 Post by duyvh0309 » 27.07.2020, 06:30

In FC 2009, toward the end of its development, there arose the feature where you could add action items to the favourites toolbars; this was absolutely wonderful! The toolbars are one of the things that make FreeCommander truly a Commander!

Now, I have always thought that the two "systems" should be combined. The separation, I think, isn't necessary, and is a little confusing.

I can think of three ways to do this.
1. Make the standard customization dialogue the same one as used for the action toolbars. Then, add another item for "Custom Button" and when you click on the "..." button under details, you can set the options for it.

2. Make the standard customization dialogue the same as the one used for favourites toolbars. Then add a submenu, like in FC2009 in the "..." button of the Program entry for the selection of all the actions.

And, finally, this is what I think ought to be done:
3. Use panel similar to the customization dialogue for favourites toolbars. But, in the "Define toolbars" tab, have TWO tabs - one for "actions" and one for "custom". This way, you can do everything inside of one panel, and still get all the ease of the other two.

This way, there are simply "toolbars" that do everything, not two "systems" that have an option for "integration". Now you can have your custom buttons RIGHT ALONGSIDE the built-in-action buttons! That is what FC 2009 did toward the end, and FCXE has always been lacking.

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