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Uhuru NUru
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Single Click to Open In Main Window

#1 Post by Uhuru NUru » 04.09.2020, 13:49

FreeCommander XE 2019 Build 828 64-bit donor, Windows 10 Pro 64-bit 2004 OS Build 19041.450

Not sure if this is a bug, setting I can't find, or feature request.

I'm using list view, if it matters.
In navigation pane, I can open folders, with single click, but in main window I must double click.
I've used single click open forever in window for over 15 years, so it's muscle memory.
Plus I'm getting old, and slowing down, double clicking is awkward.

I can't get used to opening folders with double click, and I find that since explorer finally got a dark mode, I use it more, and more, due to this issue.

Nav panes fine when all folders fit without scrolling, but for large groups of folders the main windows a lot easier to use, and then the double click slows me down, as I inevitably must pause when my instinct fails, so it becomes
Click, shit click click, to slow click click

When I'm using FC for functions explorer lacks, for a lot of repeat tasks this gets more, and more annoying.
I just want single click used everywhere, and never have to double click another thing, as explorer does it.

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