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Viewer issues

#1 Post by Dreamer » 12.09.2020, 13:43

1) When using default settings, open viewer, set the custom size and position, restart FC. Now open 1st viewer instance, it's OK, open another viewer instance, different size and position is used, so the viewer is too large and when opening multiple instances, they are all over the screen, so it's not easy to close them.

2) When using the option "Use only one viewer instance", always the same size and position is used - and if another file is opened in viewer (F3), it's open in the same Viewer instance, it's correct, but the problem is, that if another program/window is over the Viewer window and I open another file in FC in viewer, it's in the background, invisible - the same issue is, if the FC is maximized, in this case the viewer is in background too. Then I press F3 few times, until I realize, that the viewer is already opened, but it's in the background, it's quite annoying.

Possible solutions:
1) Use always the same size/position, or at least size?

2) Activate the viewer, so it will be always visible, if F3 is used - if not possible:
- First close old viewer instance and then open the new file in the new viewer instance.
- Or make Viewer window always on top (it would work only if the other window is not "always on top" too).

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