828 - Number of selected files affect Move/Copy

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828 - Number of selected files affect Move/Copy

#1 Post by LadySaga » 19.09.2020, 22:02

I don't know if this is fixed in 829, but I can't upgrade right now because for some reason I can't log in to the donor download site. (I've mailed Marek about it so it'll hopefully sort itself out soon enough).

Anyway, I know that the default windows behavior is that drag&drop from a folder to another will use the Move command.
I also know that if we are doing that from a folder, to a folder on another drive, then it'll be the Copy command.

However, mine is acting very differently.
The above is still true for me about Cop to another drive instead of moving.
But, if I drag&drop from inside the same drive, it should be Move by default when left-click dragging.
However, what actually happens is that if I drag a single file, then it Moves, but if I select multiple files... it Copies instead.
And that's very annoying when you're trying to sort files between folders, but depending on how many files you select it will either Move of Copy...

The settings I have in File/folder operations > Drag&Drop are the following:
On - Activate drag&drop in the file list
On - Start dragging on name or icon only
On - Activate drag&drop in the tree
Off - Show popup menu for left button drop
On - Show drag image
Off - Always perform copy operations for left button drag&drop
Off - Use blocking transfer

I've looked around but can't find anywhere else that affects this behavior.
I'm using "Use Windows" for the Delete, Copy and Move thing as well in "General"

I have the same behavior with my program settings, and when I use the command to start FC with default settings.

In addition, Refresh doesn't seem to work as it should when I do these things.
It's set to auto-refresh for general changes (create, rename, delete), and -not- for the size, date, attribute stuff.
But sometimes (and this seems to be pretty random and is sometimes solved with restarting FE for a while, until it eventually starts bugging out again) when i move files and/or folders to another one... it just doesn't want to refresh anyway... and that's annoying.
Now combine that with the "will it Move, or will it Copy?".
Yeah.. now you spend half of your time sorting files, and the other half is spent checking if it copied, or just didn't refresh, over and over again.

But as I said, this may, or may not have been fixed in 289, I just need to get access to my lifetime account back first,
but I thought I'd mention it in case it isn't fixed in 289, or not even previously known.
It wasn't listed on the patch log at least (and neither were the glitchy behavior when I close the Settings window which I made a previous post about).

So... I'm crossing fingers for my account, a fix in 289, and/or finding a solution here in the forums. :)

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Re: 828 - Number of selected files affect Move/Copy

#2 Post by Dreamer » 20.09.2020, 19:41

I can reproduce it only if at least 1 folder is selected and 1+ file, or 2+ folders, if you have the issue with just files, which extensions, how many files, are there any special characters, diacritical marks in files?

Try to enable "Use blocking transfer" as workaround, I have no problem if it's enabled.

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Re: 828 - Number of selected files affect Move/Copy

#3 Post by LadySaga » 21.09.2020, 16:33

For me it affects everything, all file types, and also folders and so on.

Hmm, interesting.
I've flipped between the Use Blocking Transfer several times on and off over the week and there was no difference what so ever, including reinstalling the program, running as, and not as administrator, restarting computer, and so on...
Then I read your reply here and did that again, and for some reason it worked this time...

Really weird, but if it works now I'm not complaining! x)
Really confused why it worked now, but not the other fifty-eleven previous attempts thou. xD

So eh.. thanks? I guess! :D :P XD

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