The system cannot find the path specified

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The system cannot find the path specified

#1 Post by cogollito al reverso » 26.09.2020, 06:34

[all versions through 826 portable x64 - Win10 x64 1703, et al]


I want to second the below old request.

[edit - desired behaviour DOES occur for folders, just not drives: when a tab is open to a folder which then gets deleted via FC or Explorer, the open tab resets to nearest possible valid path.
--> Ideally a tab for folder within a drive that gets disconnected, would reset to This PC or just disappear]

I frequently connect and disconnect drives and have not found a way handle this smoothly in FC . Either I am often closing folder tabs I'd prefer to leave open, or I'm often navigating tabs and running into this pop-up. For me, it is similar to another tabs control issue: the various actions which replace/overwrite open tabs instead of creating their own new one, like Open Focused Folder in Another Panel.

thank you for all the continued work and updates on FC! -FC and Everything are so fundamental the if you both went Linux, you might cause the long awaited revolution!

The system cannot find the path specified

#1 Post by mauito » 25.03.2011, 05:02
If a tab becomes invalid because the folder is deleted or a removable drive is disconnected FreeCommander will display a window with the message "The system cannot find the path specified". Can this message be suppressed or disabled? I would prefer a message that fades away after a few seconds instead of a blocking window that requires me to click to make it go away. Even no message at all is OK.

Thanks for a great file manager.

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