64 bit is really faster?

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64 bit is really faster?

#1 Post by daaaaa » 17.11.2020, 03:14

perhaps a bold question, but is the 64 bit version much faster that the standard one? i love using freecommander, using it for years, but since a few months, working with more graphic files, i notice it's struggling a lot especially with thumbnails. i'd be happy to get the 64 bit donor version, if it actually improves the thumbnail performance?

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Re: 64 bit is really faster?

#2 Post by Marek » 21.11.2020, 13:01

I do not think that 64 bit release is "much faster".
If you open a lot of thumbnails, the 64 bit version may work a little better with it - at least some users have reported to me.

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Re: 64 bit is really faster?

#3 Post by Dreamer » 21.11.2020, 14:47

I tested the same version - 830 32-bit and 64-bit now, same folder with same pictures, and thumbnails in 64-bit version are loaded really a bit faster.

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