Odd behavior after unzipping

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Odd behavior after unzipping

#1 Post by matera » 24.10.2008, 02:08

I have seen some unsettling actions after unzipping one or more archives to a new folder. I use IZArc or sometimes 7zip from the context menu, and when the operation is completed Free Commander sometimes changes directories spontaneously. It either goes up a level or opens one of the new ones.

In every case my hand has rested only very lightly on the mouse afterward -- so I don't think it is an accidental mouse action, though I do have wonderful bad luck with mice. It has happened with two different mice, anyway.

I thought I should mention it in case anyone else observes the same thing. I am presently using 388, but it happened in a previous version too. It is very erratic, only happens once in a while. The last time, just moments ago, I did two zips at once, and one of the new folders popped open.

At least it isn't spontaneous deletion - LOL

ETA: It probably is my mouse.
I should get my computer a cat...

ETA2: No, it just did it again, and I had definitely moved the cursor away from the active panel and my hand was very still. I unzipped one file, and there was an up-dir jump as soon as it was done. Oh, and I'm using 392 right now.

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