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Computer - Sorting items

#1 Post by Dreamer » 17.04.2010, 22:45

In FC all items are sorted by name, but this way is not good, portable devices are between HDDs, it's quite chaotic...

In explorer it's better, items are sorted by category (HDDs, removable, other, portable).

I suggest to sort the Computer items like this:

1. HDDs
2. Removable
3. Portable
4. Other

...and use some dividers between the categories (if possible), for example:

C: (HDD)
- - -
A: (floppy)
F: (dvd drive)
- - -
MP3 player
Cell phone
- - -
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Re: Computer - Sorting items

#2 Post by clanman » 19.04.2010, 02:49

I absolutely agree with categorisation then sorting within the category.

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Re: Computer - Sorting items

#3 Post by matera » 21.05.2010, 23:37

I hate the Windows way, it just confuses me
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