Windows 7 Libraries View

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Windows 7 Libraries View

#1 Post by timjthomas » 19.04.2010, 13:40

I realize that many people dislike the Windows 7 Libraries View, but it's like that a similar number of people like the view. (I'm torn.)

I'd like to have the option to open a pane in Free Commander that presents a similar view as to that provided by the Windows 7 Library view.

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Re: Windows 7 Libraries View

#2 Post by freddo » 16.05.2010, 02:51

I too would like to see Win 7 libraries and also homegroups visible throughout FreeCommander. Hope this comes in the next version!

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Re: Windows 7 Libraries View

#3 Post by jmuirhead95667 » 21.08.2014, 19:02

I too would like to see an option to display Libraries, Homegroups, Favorites, and the like.

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Re: Windows 7 Libraries View

#4 Post by FreeCoFriend » 23.08.2014, 23:35

The library views are already available and working in my portable installation of FC XE Build 0.670 - still the homegroup is missing for me:


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Re: Windows 7 Libraries View

#5 Post by bege » 26.08.2014, 05:52

Libraries work in FC, but Windows Explorer shows own and public folders in separate subfolders. FC shows them all in one folder which look quite unclear. I'd prefer to have the same view as in Windows Explorer.
I am missing the favorites from Windows Explorer.

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Re: Windows 7 Libraries View

#6 Post by JohnFredC » 04.09.2014, 14:02

Yes, the library view in XE is unnecessarily confusing and should be put on the "fix it soon" list!

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Re: Windows 7 Libraries View

#7 Post by lmederos » 27.02.2015, 18:56

I am a new user and find the features in FC to be excellent. It does, IMHO, all the things that a file manager should do and many fall short including paid ones.

Having said that, I use the Windows libraries extensively, and I too would prefer to see them separately as in Windows Explorer.


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