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Multi-rename - default to use last settings...

Posted: 27.06.2010, 08:23
by Philip Goddard
FC continues to be really great for me. There's one small detail, however, in which it became a bit less convenient for me when I updated my beta copy earlier this year to 2009.02a Build 410 donor. I've just updated to Build 412 and the issue is still here.

Previous to that earlier update this year, when I did a multi-rename the default values presented to me were always those that I'd used the previous time, so that I didn't have to remember to select the required multi-rename 'profile'. But since then only the program default values are given in the fields whenever multi-rename is called, so I have to open the relevant 'profile' before proceeding.

I would much prefer to revert to having the values that I've used in one session being used as the opening default values next time round, even if the program has been closed in the meantime. Some people might then find it helpful to have a 'reset defaults' button, but I don't see myself having a use for that.

Apart from that little detail, though, FC continues to serve me tremendously well, and I really appreciate all the hard work and patience that has gone into making it as it is now.

Re: Multi-rename - default to use last settings...

Posted: 29.06.2010, 04:22
by matera
On the other hand, I prefer that the values revert, so that I don't forget to change those that I want to leave as default. For me, that saves a lot of undoing. LOL

Re: Multi-rename - default to use last settings...

Posted: 29.06.2010, 07:31
by Philip Goddard
Well, if there is a clear division of user preference over that, then the most helpful solution would be a user option for this. In my particular case I rarely use multi-rename for anything other than one particular daily task, so it makes sense to have my own settings being the default, whereas for somebody who carries out a variety of multi-rename tasks I quite understand that it might be less confusing to have the program defaults presented each time.