R520 - Column Profiles and default name column automatic.

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R520 - Column Profiles and default name column automatic.

#1 Post by rluiten » 24.12.2010, 12:55

Got a surprise with the behaviour with name column being automatic to size of longer name. While this sounds like a good idea in principle it was very annoying to me I have far to many folders with one or two long folder or file names that make it unworkable when i want to keep size and date visible in general.

I did figure out how to get rid of it by creating a column profile and disabling the automatic name size.

If I resize the name column then close FCXE and reopen it the name column goes to the size specified in the column profile now. It would be nice if each tab remembered the size i had manually adjusted columsn to - i realise this complicates the issues of knowing what the 'column profile' is for each tab though... But it is out fc.02b behaved I believe.

As a side note I thought I would move size and modified date to the first columns of the detail display Then it would not matter if name autosized and I might be able to get used to the different arrangment over time. It appears the Name field must be the first field at the moment - this may not be a bug but a feature but I thought i would mention it.

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