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Development suggestions

#1 Post by Aeolis » 09.04.2011, 19:19

Hello folks,

First, I would like to say FreeCommander latest development version is awesome. GUI is much better and functionality is even better! Well, I would like to make the folloing requests:

1) Keep portability in mind. Could you please make FreeCommander XE "stealth", I mean could it leave no traces back in PC;

2) Could you make a native 64-bits version?

3) Could you try to integrate FreeCommander to FastCopy or TeraCopy portable versions to deal with drag-and-drop, copy and move file operations; and

4) Could you make the "auto resize column" an automatic feature by adding a check-box to it or something similar. I mean the auto resize column must be clicked every time we enter a new folder, so it fits the new columns to their size, but it would be much faster and straightforward to have a "auto" auto resize columns, so it resize the columns automatically every time we enter any folders, so columns are always correctly adjusted.

Keep the good job.

See you later,


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