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Thumbnails view suggestions

Posted: 29.03.2012, 14:20
by Dreamer
1. It looks the only way to change the thumb icon size are the toolbar buttons "thumbnail 48-256", I suggest to add these options also to main FC settings in the Thumbnails section.

2. Custom thumbnail size option.

3. Additional (customizable) lines in thumbnail, with the following options:
- file name
- EXIF date/time (customizable format, if possible)
- file size (Auto)
- image dimensions
- camera
- camera model

It should be possible to place multiple items in a single line, for example:
line #1 File name
line #2 07.03.2012 18:43:54
line #3 3456x2592 3.45 MB
line #4 Panasonic DMC-TZ5

Here the EXIF date is important for me, I need it to sort, move, rename, edit pictures, without it the thumbnails view is quite unusable for me and I have to use external program, even for multi rename.

4. Auto-load thumbnails in background, near first.

Perhaps I'll add more suggestions later, comments are welcome.

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Re: Thumbnails view suggestions

Posted: 30.03.2012, 16:09
by JohnFredC

(I was waiting until v1.1 to ask for of this stuff!)